Lectures 2006
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"A route in Monte Carasso" Kokkiniotis Ioannis, Pipili Aikaterini

Inside the various context of the architectural’s history of 20th century, our interest was focalized in the association between the architecture in the town and the architecture in the village, the association between the regional and international, the accession and the confection of the variety each area, the old and the new, the history and the today, conduct us to an inspection for all these matters. The manipulation’s search for all these issues, was conducted us to the architect’s act of Luigi Snozzi, trying us to understand the greater affinity of modern architecture with the localism of the contemporaneous Switzerland and in particular of a region, Monte Carasso. A route in Monte Carasso, through the line to confess the generality context of modern architecture, considering the effects and the universality characteristically which are governing the architecture and the way that these are applicated. A conducted tour to the interpositions that they are carving the marching course of Monte Carasso.