Lectures 2006
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"The dipole Drawing/Diagram in architecture " Koulis Stavros

Architecture is closely associated with the issue of representation. Architectural representation, acting as a medium between the world of ideas and the physical world, is always present in architectural discourse and practise. Architectural drawing has a basic use as a pre-visualization and pre-testing tool. The Greek word for drawing “σχέδιο” has a common etymological root with the adverb "σχεδόν” which means almost. This way there is an internal conflict in the expression digital drawing in greek. This study focuses on the dipole of analog – digital drawing, the relations between them and their coexistence in the actual process of creating architecture. Apart from a historical overview of the relation between architecture and representation this study uses as an example two architects. Frank O. Gehry and Peter Eisenman have two different ways of implementing computers in their architectural thinking and practice. Through these two different approaches this study tries to identify the issues that arise with the use of computers in architectural representation and practice.