Lectures 2006
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"The architects' personal working places" Xanthos Nikolaos


The subject of this lecture is referring to the work of two known architects. In particular Ι tried to find out some basic features expressing their personal inspiration and attitude in designing and building their architectural offices.

Renzo Piano has designed and built his place of work near Genova over Liguria’s sea-shore. Its form is made up of five parts, arranging at different levels. Its structure consists of glass and wood, proving his experimentation on materials and its connection to nature and region’s history. In building’s interior, the flat ground plans, the light from the roof and the extension to natural environment are basic features.

Tadao Ando has built his Atelier in Oyodo II in native Osaka. The building’s shell is made up of uncoating reinforced concrete. A central courtyard crosses the five floors, offering light from outside. The architect has used some features from traditional Japanese architecture in building’s interior.

The identity of each building expresses the manner of architects’ personal style in creating their architectural offices.