Lectures 2006
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"Fortified settlements of Chios island" Goumenos Konstantinos, Paparounas Nikolaos

The objective of the work is to investigate the reasons for which were created and acquired their peculiar structure the Mastihohoria of Chios and to connect them as a built-up total with other fortified settlements of the Aegean. The approach of the subject was made having in mind the historical frame of the Mediterranean during the Middle Ages and the social, economic, political and military elements that influenced this season.

The comparative process, that was followed, with other fortified settlements of the Aegean, at the same historical period, led to the following conclusions. In Mastihohoria is observed a big homogeneity in the characteristics of their defensive and urban organization in point that their planning acquires a character of standardization. This homogeneity is not presented in other regions of the Aegean. The fortified settlements that exist in other islands were created independent one from another and without coordinated planning from the need to be protected from the piratical raids or from the wish of each conqueror to safeguard his possessions. They led to constitute a network of communication and monitoring of marine ways. This network does not have a relation with the network that is constituted by the settlements of southern Chios. In the case of Chios, the settlements do not have a relation of dependence on the sea. Their prosperity and their existence are connected much more immediately with the Mastic regions which they surround. Therefore, they became an object of planning that did not aim simply to their defensive fortification, but to the maximization of production via the control of workforce. This planning gave birth to a network of monitoring and control, that its big scale rendered it almost land-planning.