Lectures 2006
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"Metal constructions in Greek reality" Dimopoulou Maria

Metal buildings seem to become part of the new- Greek architectural reality, as the years pass. What is happening? Which are the reasons of their delayed appearance to this place? Does they worth to be promoted? 

The answers to these questions demand first a general presentation of the metal construction’s route and meaning at the present time. As long as this becomes understandable, even approximately, typical examples from Greece will be analyzed.

The high cost, the obscure law frame, the lack of experience in computer designing, the education’s focus on concrete studies, the unfamiliar image of meal for the people, are the main holding back factors in the spreading of this material.

The engineers’ and the building constructor’s attitude seem to be the most important factor for the material’s future. Moreover if we wish to refer to the architecture on behalf of the engineering world, we shouldn’t forget our duty which is, as also Vitrouvios said, to satisfy the three categories: purpose, strength and esthetics. Balance is demanded among them, in order to get a fulfilled project. As far as the technology factor, it should be purified from the sterile image that has, and to get harmonized with the other architectural signs. That’s the way the metal is gonna find its proper place in the country’s architecture.

On the other hand, if ideology and innovation are able to keep influence on the reality, against the inactivity and the cost, is another matter.