Lectures 2006
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"The void and the solid in architecture" Viggopoulos Ioannis, Maniakis Michael

Through this subject, we tried to examine the relation between the void and the solid in architecture, as this developed parallel to the human race.

 From the season of first lodgings (caverns), up to the current season, thousands of years of development left behind different types of architecture, from which emerge the culture, the perceptions, the character of society, the religion, etc of each culture.

A sensitive spirit and an experienced eye could distinguish the level of culture through his architecture.

 Through the buildings they would conceive the persons distress to overcome the climate but also his distress to give the mark of his aesthetics in every period.

Consequently the alternation between the solid and the void are from the most basic elements of architectural expression through the centuries and is included as all the architectural creation in the total culture.

Via the relation of the empty and the complete emerges all the persons distress to create something new and different which satisfies the new needs and expresses at the same time the new season each time. This distress that is fixed and naturally determined firstly from the conditions that imposes the natural environment (which in the old days considered the person as fate and destiny and later, he determined it through the natural law and he exceeded it via the scientific knowledge and the technology) and secondly from his season and her needs but also from his occasionally perceptions.

From the perceptions for useful (beneficial) and beautiful, which where drawn from the persons theory regard life and world.

 Very simply the architecture intervening and shaping the space, constitutes in all her forms, from her simplest form, until most elaborate and complex, one from the most characteristic expressions the technological and theoretical course of world.