Lectures 2006
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"An urban scene to consumption" Irini Apostolaki

Researchers support that ‘modern tourism is not focused anymore in the historical monuments, the cultural rooms or the museums but in the urban scene or more concretely in a publication of urban scene suitable for the tourism’ (Sassen  and  Roost  1999).  Particularly in the European cities, the visitors tend preoccupied in the urban structure, in deed the  Leon van den Berg  (2003) supports that exists a ‘European model’ of tourism that focuses more in the ‘harmonious growth of city’ than in the manufacture of separated tourist spaces. Consequently, the city constitutes the main merchandise of industry of tourism.  The city however is unstable, changeable and multileveled. On the contrary, we observe that the city that is promoted has concrete characteristics, concrete physiognomy and explicit picture which is connected with a myth. This leads to the ascertainment that it is not the city that is promoted, but a ‘picture of the city’ suitably adapted for the tourist.  The industry of tourism produces this ‘picture’ using as raw material elements of city. The significance of the word ‘picture’ is somehow general; the word that we will use to describe the product of tourism is that of the. The urban landscape includes a generally acceptable and representative perception of city, real, sentimental and ideological.  We have therefore an urban scene to consumption.