Lectures 2006
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"Disconnecting the City" Katsikis Nikos

The complexity of the contemporary urban condition could probably be better analyzed on the basis of relations and procedures than of objects and forms, overcoming the commitment of hierarchical scale and the relation of cause and effect. The sociotechnical processes and their spatial expression could be systematized in the logic of interactive networks.

This paper attempts to offer an understanding of the urban condition through the study of a series of mutation that could be reduced to the logic of the network structure.

In the first place a series of tools related to the network structure are presented that are used in the second part for the analysis of the sociotechnical condition through the network logic.

In the third part the mutations in the structure and the theories for the city are related to the generic characteristics of the network within the context of the transformation of the networked infrastructures [in the fourth part].

As a conclusion an approach of the urban condition is attempted through the filter of the Metapolis theory.