Lectures 2006
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"Child – Play- Space. The playground of the nursery school" Xatzoglou Sofia

In this work is in question the relationship of human and place and especially of children at age of 3-6 years. The evolution of psychology I addition with the theoretical evolution of architecture has created a new branch, the environmental psychology. Some researches focus on the relationship of the stages of evolution of environmental knowledge and the drawings. The cognitivism that came as an answer at behaviorism, and especially Piaget’s theory create the theoretical background of this work. The presence of play in child’s life is so general that it can be studied as an organization of its life. Play is the basic procedure that children use in order to understand the world around. For play is essential: a particular space, the child itself, the outer intervention and the child’s adjustment.

After this theoretical part a research is taking place in a space designed for children, the playground in the nursery school. The characteristics of these places and the consequences in the child’s behavior are pointed out with the help of a table for the recollection of the information and a questionnaire which has been completed from the teachers of the nursery school. The nursery schools of the research are from Bordeaux of France. The results of the research are represented at sketches.