Lectures 2006
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"Monastery of Daphnι: expression of art and christian dogma" Ermioni Karaxaliou

The purpose of this lecture is to present the correlation between the ecclesiastic architecture and art during the middle time of the byzantine era with the dogma of the christian dogma. In byzantine architecture nothing is done by accident or without purpose.At the first part there is a small historical retrogradation to the facts that occurred between the 10th – 11th century A.C. and became the start of the Second Golden Century of Byzantium. Also, is mentioned the relationship the people had with the divine and how it developed after the pursuit of the christians. Through the historical evolution, there is an evolution to the architectural types, which serve not only the human needs, but express the un visible world through the visible. The church becomes a miniature of the universe. The Earth is a cube and the sky is a vault.The second part focuses inclusively to the Monastery of Daphni. The place of erection, the name are explained and moreover there is an analysis of the form, which characterizes all the byzantine monasteries. Along with the architecture the inner design follows the christian dogma. Three dogmatic circles are created and can be identified in all the churches.  Finally, there is an analysis of the technique and esthetics of three mosaics that belong to different periods.