Lectures 2006
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"Athletism - spend free time - parcs, the case of Metamorphosis" Aimilia Tsolia

According to many, it could be said, we are going through a phase of a different kind of evolution; that of free time. By saying free time, we don’ t mean the time during which, one doesn’t do anything, because that would be a waste of time. We mean the time somebody can spend being creative, getting involved in sport, educational and a variety of other similar activities and also doing things for fun. And that goes for people of every age group, younger and older children, teenagers and adults according to their interests.

As far as Greeks concerned, they spend most of their time going to the cinema or going to a coffee shop, rather than doing something athletic or creative. We are, however, all aware of how advantageous sport is for our body and mind.

In this project I attempt to deal with the ways one spends his free time and the kind of activities that involve sport and action.

The first part of my lecture refers to the relation between architecture and the designing of suitable places, to the way they ought to be organized, as well as to the conditions that a variety of athletic facilities and parks require.

In the second part, I study the case of Metamorphosis. Initially I describe it’s general characteristics and afterwards I focus on the parks and athletic facilities that exist, while judging their present state by commenting if they are set up in a way that is convenient for a wide use.

Taking all of this into consideration, I begin my thesis witch consists of certain suggestions