Lectures 2006
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"Dead Zone (Buffer Zone)" Vassileiou-Makhoul Rois

Research on this lecture begun leaving all possible analysis fields surrounding the Dead Zone (Buffer Zone) in Cyprus and that could be of interest to an architect trying to interpret it open. First, an analysis necessary to formulate a complete image of the Dead Zone in our minds and which will answer basic questions was prepared. Those questions were how the Dead Zone was created historically, what was the purpose of its creation, its role, which is the Zone’s character and appearance in town and country. Emphasis was given to how the Dead Zone appears within Nicosia.

Through this collection of information – a kind of journalist’s report in a sense – we will suggest an interpretation of the Dead Zone as an “extra-ordinary” architecture based on national rivalries. This race, cultural and strategic rivalry created political and military confrontation which charge the Dead Zone with various meanings. The division of the island created two rival poles of North and South, the boundaries of which formed the Dead Zone. Can he Dead Zone be interpreted as a space in architectural terms? How powerful are its boundaries as an element of defining two different Southern and Northern development fields and of an inert field? Is the Dead Zone inactive in all of its aspects or its very name is, in relation with its true meaning, an oxymoron? And how can this truly be an inert, inactive field when so many and so powerful forces focus on this very field?