Lectures 2006
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"New tendencies in the European social residence" Margiolakis Vaggelis

This lecture has aim to detect" new tendencies in the European social residence, by presenting complexes-buildings that have been completed through the last 15 years. Criteria of research were their socio-economic situation, their urban planning and strategic, and their territorial models. From Amsterdam were analyzed the groups "Piraeus" and "Whale", at the Eastern harbour of the city, and the complex "WoZoCo's". In Berlin became reason for the program "Cities of Water" and for housing complexes of H. Hertzberger, W. Woeber, Lehrecke & Lehrecke, the Steidle and Rausch & Willems. From Vienna were presented the programs of Vorgartenstrasse and "Gasometer-City", while the program Sociopolis at Valencia was reported too. The basic conclusions of this research are the primal role of the private sector (companies) in social housing, the ambiguity of what consists social housing today, and its use in urban areas under gentrification and brownfield development. The parallelism with the Greek reality proved completely different function of the social policy and architecture. A group of objectives were proposed in order the social residence to recover her fundamental role.