Lectures 2006
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"Obsession" Mostratos Petros, Pavlidou Dimitra, Tsopela Villy

The lecture is a study on the complicated, in fact theological, relation of user-architect, when both of them meet in the field of osmosis of different identities, needs and desires, committed in decisions, perseverances. Spark for the particular study constituted the theatrical work of Fofi Trezou, “the architect”, and the analysis is based on two architectural examples which have ideologically and temporally abstaining backgrounds: the rural residence of Aris Konstantinidis in Bouliagmeni and Jewish museum of Daniel Libeskind in Berlin. On one hand, Libeskind who is a communicative director of spectacle also having a “star” quality creates a symbolically overcharged piece of work. On the other hand, Konstantinidis, appears to be rigid in a different way and moral sub layer. He is absorbed in his incompatible faith in the values of modernism and offers the ideal space to an imaginary “ideal” person. Both examples equally reveal the disturbance of the system of communication between the architect and the user. The user - either as proselyte visitor or as infringing resident- also shares responsibility for the struggling character of his disturbed relation with the architect. Sometimes he exploits the social labelling of the work of architect as vehicle for the consolidation of his social status and some other times he wishes his own absorption by the scene, he furtively desires his assimilation with the background of the architectural picture, and he resorts to a peculiar anonymity. Finally, the architecture is a conscious commitment between architect and user, a balanced field of wishes, distresses and thoughts. It is not a simple co-existence of optical noises that simply invoke the space, without really generating it.