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"Riverine cities" Apostolakou Aikaterini

The water of the rivers makes up the source of life and inspiration for making.

At the same time, the rivers recommend important floating routes of communication and the transportation of goods and offer strategic geographical spots with a defensive value for the development of residential areas.

The locations of the rivers, therefore, make up favorable sites for creating cities, a fact that is proud by the plentiful urban landscapes which have to do with a river, all over the world, from ancient times up to our days.


The topic of this specific project is the study of the way a city grows at the banks of some river, taking advantage of its natural qualities (first part) and how finally the natural element of the river is urbanized and assimilated in the city’s web (second part).


The reason I occupied myself with the landscape of cities located by a riverside is my visit to Rouen, during the program Erasmus. Situated on the banks of the Seine River, it is the second largest city in the Parisian circular plain.

So, Paris and Rouen, two examples of analyzing the relationship in city planning of the river and the city, will make up the third part of this paper.