Lectures 2006
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"The traditional architecture of Mani. The settlement of Lagia" Gounela Lito

The deep research of Mani’s settlements, give us valuable elements and architectural information and also lead to the understanding of the social and politics particularities and to the temperament of Mani’s people as well. Historic facts and the economic conditions of this place, lead to a sufficiently particular society and to a way of living, which influenced inevitably the form of residences and entire villages in general. These facts associated with the geographic severe forms of this place, contribute to the formation of special Mani’s sociality.    

This essay emphasizes Mani’s cultural heritage in last three centuries, a historic period in which the villages had significant changes that lead to today’s inhabiting of Mani. In the great number of Mani’s settlements, specific forms of habitation, with rare and many dissensions interest, are localized. The two stored houses, the towers and the tower houses constructed entirely with stone, laces fully and obeyed to the demands of the severe and plain Mani’s landscape.

The settlement Lagia, has been chosen for the better understanding of the houses, constructively as also as structure in the natural area. Lagia, of the In and West Mani, has many things to give to the traditional Greek architecture. As Lagia is a typical village, with stone towers and houses, follows the characteristic structure of Mani's villages, which reflect until our days the old life conditions and customs.