Lectures 2006
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"Naval athletic installations" Koukouzeli Sofia

Since the first ship builders made the first boat from the trunk of a tree until today, sailing as a means of survival became a fun and athletic activity. Through the ages, there were no nations geographically related to water that didn’t appreciate and worship all activities related to it.

Although techniques and boats have developed, inexplicable events occurred that astonished us. There is no explanation comparing the unsinkable trade ship “Kirinia” to the most contemporary ships, “Kon Tiki” to Clippers and the spongefishers of Symi to the diving super-athletes of today.

The Nautical Clubs are the only channel to communicate developing knowledge and techniques. The Nautical Clubs guide and counsel all those interested in any sea-related activity (sailing, skiing, diving, etc) no matter of level, age, or sex. Their efforts for the development of such activities in our country are essential. Architectural design and implementation is a sensitive issue, taking into consideration the natural environment and the functional, efficient result that is expected.