Lectures 2006
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"Open space systems in the city of Seattle " Papantoniou Eleni

Seattle, a city on the NW coast in the USA is an example in organizing urban planning programs which give specific emphasis on environmental planning. This stewardship concerning the preservation and enhancement of natural resource lands has made the natural environment a fundamental characteristic of the city’s image. This research project presents the course of evolution concerning the development of Seattle’s open space system. Chapter 1 presents the city’s history together with the development policies, implementation proposals and some of the existing open spaces which contributed to the creation of the city’s current open space system. In chapter 2 we observe Seattle as it is today, focusing on the downtown area, where thorough reference is made on each of its districts and on the new open spaces which each holds, the implemented projects of the former plan. Chapter 3 refers to the present comprehensive plan together with the new open space strategy for the greater downtown area, Center City, and also to the projects it proposes. Lastly, in chapter 4 the above are reviewed and conclusions are derived.