Diploma project 2007
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Mandelenali Zoi, Doufexi Andromachi “Makronisos – Place of memory”

This project proposes a land art intervention at the historic site of Makronisos, an island of exile. We analysed the historic background of this island and the situation that it stands at the present moment. We tried to construct installations with land art character, using the materials of the site such as rocks, metal, tent, light. One of our other basic instruments was the elements, which we detected through the historic analysis. Some of those are pain, isolation, unity, victory, despair.

We propose the conservation of some of the most characteristic buildings of each army camp and the construction of places to rest and information stands for visitors. More specific the construction of a welcoming stand at the port and the use of the bakery building for exhibitions. We also propose the construction of a biomatic installation between two camps and the construction of a library with the theme of exile and political punishment in general. We also suggest the use of some of the remaining buildings for hostels for a small amount of visitors.