Diploma project 2007
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Vasiliki Tsolaki “Recreational Park at Flisvos, Paleo Faliro”

The main characteristics of the site are: the tram station, Poseidonos street that runs along the north side of the park creating a strong obstacle allowing only two passages for the pedestrians, there where the pedestrian crossings are. On the west there is marina of Flisvos and on the east the building of Flisvos, a yet under preservation building of the Middlewar Athens. The park comprises the end of the seaside promenade that begins about two kms to the east n due to its preemptive position n the great views of Saronikos’ n Castela on the west, attracts visitors n walkers from the entire city.

The main target of the design is to exploit the whole ground lot in order to extend the walker’s experience ‘n transform it to an experience of discovery for all senses. This is achieved by designing a main route that coils n unfolds inside the park, which together with some alternative paths help the walker obtain various different ways of perception and intercourse with the natural elements and the build constructions incorporated in the site. In order to achieve a soft transition while walking among different elements the project adapts an architecture of splines n curves, of soft transitions. It’s not the ending destination the focus of the design but the travel experience.

Thus the materials have been chosen with great consideration. As concrete has the quality to produce compact but flowing structures the main spiral route is materialized with concrete throughout its length- in order to retain its subliminal continuity. This choice led to a quest of different uses and techniques in order to use the same material but have totally different sensations of feel and appearance. The secondary vertical routes that continue axis of the cityscape are rather stultified, materialized by hints of different materials on the ground.

We have thought about the spices of vegetation that would be imported in the site according to the inspissations and colors of the leaves and flowers, the heights, trying to create with them different sensations too. They can be used like fences-next to the street, enhance the vertical axis, create natural shelters or a feeling of wild nature, create frameworks for the sea views, enrich the walk with colors and perfumes.

 The water is brought inside the main ground making softer edges arranged either with pebbles or with bigger concrete surfaces or rocks. One can now experience the water by walking over it, in it.

The building constructions incorporate a museum building, a conference hall and their adjacent secondary activities. The building was designed to supply the visitors with much needed activities without obtruding on the landscape; on the contrary it becomes the continuation of it, a landscape itself.